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Hey guys. 

First a heads up. I have been notified by Webs (my hosting site) that I have apparently gone over my allocated bandwidth and 
could be in danger of being deleted. I don't really want to go deleting anything and I can't really afford to upgrade to a premium
package either... Sooo what I'm saying is that this website may not be around for a whole lot longer. If anything changes I'll be
sure to let you know but I don't know how confident I am in the site staying open much longer than a few weeks/months. I guess also, 
hearing the new Scooter album will either give me inspiration to keep going or make me give up hope. We will see. 

On a lighter note, a Scooter fan who goes by the name LuNoT!K has written in my guestbook about making a Scooter
video just for the fans. The idea behind this is that YOU can be in the video! Check out the poster below for all the details!


Hey guys! You might have noticed I don't really update this site a whole lot any more. 
I've decided to only update the site for pretty significant news such as releases of
singles and albums and of course, anything regarding Australia. If I update it
with every tiny bit of news I hear it hardly seems worth posting unless it's something
quite interesting or relevant if you know what I mean.

So, getting to the news. You can now hear the full version of Scooters
latest release now from the link below!

I have to admit, I am disappointed after hearing this. The small sample I heard a
few days ago sounded okay but now that I've heard the whole thing... Ugh. 
The part from Wiz Khalifa is taken straight from a previous song of his as if Scooter have just
"bought" some vocals from him and H.P trying to rap is just painful on the ears. 
He does a better job in "The Leading Horse". His lyrics and shouts just seem a bit half assed too.

Come on Scooter, please don't
let me down with your new album! 


A little bit of exciting news for you today Scooter fans!
Well, maybe. Depends on what you all think of the 
rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Apparently Scooter's new single will be released on
the 23rd of May and it will feature said rapper.
The track will be titled "Bigroom Blitz". 

I don't really know what to think about this as 
I'm not exactly a fan of either big room music or
of Wiz Khalifa.... Hmmmm.


What's up Scooter posse!?
Well it has been a good two months since I last updated this site. 
Unfortunately that's because there has been no real news to report.

Until now. 

Yesterday Scooter landed in Moscow, Russia on the way to a concert.
Scooter fans Frontliner and Xer got to interview the guys before the show
and here's some of the things they said.

- New album will be released in August.
- On the album there will be trance, house, hardstyle and HAPPY HARDCORE! 
- No single has been finished yet. 
- And apparently Rick has had nothing to do with production on this forthcoming album. 

Well, I guess that's kinda good news... We will have to wait another 5 months for the album
but hopefully there will be some banging happy hardcore tracks on there! 

Until next time posse....

Diamonds are made under pressure. 


Hello to a new year of Scooter news posse! Had to double check to make sure I wrote 2014 
on the date there actually. I'm sure we all have made that mistake before!

Anyway, to kick off the new year I would like to thank everyone who visits
my site for helping to get to 50,000 hits! Might not seem like a lot to some, but
for me it's a big deal. I started this site pretty much from a poor code written on
Notepad back in my school days. I deleted that entire thing and started afresh with
some help along the way, most notably a friend named Shane who actually owned 
this site before myself and a co-updater whom I befriended off the official Scooter
forum named Dominic. But of course I would not have bothered keeping this website
alive if it wasn't for the people who read it and I like to think maybe depend on it! 
So thank you to all of you :) 

Now, back to business!
Scooter have come into the new year with quite a blast on 
their 20 Years Of Hardcore tour. I've read some very positive
reviews from people who were at a concert and they said it was
amazing. From the atmosphere, the guys performance and the 
track list. Unfortunately still no news on any possible new single
but I have something for you in the meantime. A fan recorded the intro
to one of their concerts and if I had to describe it with one word... godlike. 

Check it out for yourselves and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.

You've had the time to rest. Which is coming to an end, and we start again!


Hey guys. This will most likely be the last update for this year. 
Hopefully I will have better news to bring you in the new year 
like for example, maybe about a new album or possibly an
English translation of Scooter's book? Fingers crossed!

Thank you Scooter fans for your support and input. We're
nearly at 50,000 hits! Pat yourselves on the back :)

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy New

"Alright, leave me alone guys. There's nothing more to say.
Fuck off..."  


It is with bad news that I update my website today Scooter fans.
Scooter's upcoming single will NOT be released on the 6th
of December as originally planned. I began to think this
was the case already myself as I had not heard of any
promotion regarding the new album or single at all. 
A fan had a brief chat with new Scooter member
Phil Speiser and Phil confirmed that a new single will not
be released on the 6th of December and will most likely be released next year. 
He also stated that "the 5th chapter will be banging". Let's hope so, Phil. 

In other news, H.P Baxxter and artist Albert Oehlen had a phone conversation
regarding each other's professions. I personally, don't think it was that interesting 
but here are some interesting quotes from H.P Baxxter.

"Popularity is a currency of it's own if you ask me - and not only since the advent of Facebook likes". 

"Our long term fans actually insist that nothing should ever change. They expect us to repeat the same formula over and over again. I sometimes find this discouraging, especially if I happen to read posts in the Scooter forums. I ask myself if these people are sitting 24/7 in front of a computer screen writing weird comments. I think that change is important. To remain true to yourself, you have to adjust to the times you're living in and the sounds that are happening. We are fully aware that Scooter has a recognizable style, mostly thanks to my voice and my way of singing".

You can read the whole article from the link below.

Slide on between, it forces me to action. Where is the response? 


So you all know about the official Scooter book that's due to be
released on the 18th of November right? I hope so! Anyway, there
is still no announcement of an English version just yet so don't get
your hopes up but I wish that were the news! Instead we have 
probably the next best thing! Two different extracts from the book 
which have been translated into English! Pretty interesting stuff
too! Check it out below :) 

Have also updated the members section of my site too
including new member Philip Speiser. 


The Warm Up Ritual.

Scooter circa 1994. H.P Baxxter, Rick J Jordan and Ferris Bueller.

H.P. Baxxter: When I was young, every Saturday my friends and I would gather and have drinks in my room before heading out to the disco. We called it the warm-up ritual. We’d listen to the unbearably loud music that I’d put on, which, I have to admit, made any kind of conversation among us impossible. Often, my friends would seek refuge with my parents in the living room because it was extremely loud in my room. My parents actually always thought it was great that these young people were around and they’d chat to them.

Rick J. Jordan: Before the rave I would always get the night going with friends by emptying a six-pack of beer. I only ever needed my beers. I’d also make a pot of espresso, add milk and sugar, and drink it down in one gulp. Later, I would eat one of those guarana chocolate bars—and I’d definitely be awake all night.

H.P. Baxxter: A good friend of mine once mentioned that the Scooter backstage area was an extension of my teenage bedroom—and he was kind of right. The only difference is that instead of going to the disco after the warm-up we’d directly enter the stage and perform. The same friend thought that the best description of my job was actually “professional party host”. Look at it this way, I have turned my hobby into a career. I get paid for celebrating.

Rick J. Jordan: There’s nothing in our rider that you wouldn’t find with other bands. Of course, in the pre Red-Bull-days we didn’t have any Red Bull. Beer, though, has always been there. One day I started liking white wine. Nowadays, I actually always fancy a cool Riesling, if possible from the Palatinate region. I became addicted to it through our previous band mate Jay Frog. I’m always surprised, we could be playing in Scandinavia or Russia and they would still manage to get a chilled bottle of Palatinate Riesling for us. At some unknown point tomato juice also became a part of the rider, but I’ve no idea why. The vodka must always be Grey Goose or Absolut, simply because of the quality and taste. The Red Bull has to be with sugar of course, because there’s no point doing things in half measures. Every now and then we’d also have Jägermeister, that was important for Axel Coon. Jay Frog on the other hand would frequently opt for a Baileys.

H.P. Baxxter: Before the show I always down a vodka and Red Bull because it gives you an energy boost. In private I don’t really overdo that—at home I usually prefer vodka and lemon or a gin and tonic. If I really have to perform though, the mixture of Red Bull and vodka leads to impressive results. After two or three glasses of that I’m always sharp on the edge, regardless of how weary I was feeling before.

Michael Simon: Zoran, H.P.’s personal assistant, knows exactly how his drinks should be served—what type of glass should be used, how many ice-cubes, and the exact ratio of alcohol to mix. As Rick said, the invention of Red Bull gave everything a boost. Only sometimes, perhaps when H.P. can’t see it any more because the tour has gone on for too long, will he drink vodka and lemon. When that does happen then it has to be Schweppes—if you’re offering him something else then you are going to hell—or at least you’ll get a glass to the head. You know, it’s the little things that annoy him. H.P. always goes nuts when something doesn’t suit him, that’s part of who he is. I asked him once why he always freaks out over every stupid, little thing and he said that it’d calm him down. Only in an environment of total chaos can he find inner peace. On the other hand, when everything is going smoothly and everyone is relaxing, that’s when he gets restless. That’s why he needs to constantly terrorize tour managers.

Holger Storm: One time, when we were in Odessa, I had to fly in an extra two pallets of Red Bull from Turkey just for H.P., at a cost of 450 deutschmarks.

H.P. Baxxter: Ecstasy was never a question for me because I have no idea what sort of chemicals they put into those pills. If I don’t have complete control over something and I can’t figure what will happen to me as a result, then I leave it well alone. I also know myself too well, I have an addictive personality. It’s a case of simple self-protection. That’s also the reason why I never started with cocaine.

Rick J. Jordan: Back then I even read a standard university textbook on the topic of drug consumption. That gave me a basis of what was OK and what wasn’t. Reading the book was the main reason why I never started taking ecstasy, speed, LSD or cocaine, which were the most widely used drugs at the time. Before Scooter I used to smoke weed with friends if someone was passing around a joint. But I’ve always maintained a healthy respect towards the harder stuff.

Jens Thele: I don’t want to end up like Ozzy Osbourne, who once snorted a line of ants because he was running low on cocaine. To this day no one believes that Scooter don’t take drugs.

Jay Frog: Maybe that’s what makes the warm-up ritual so important.

Marc Schilkowski: Other musicians load up with energy by taking uppers, Scooter substitute the kick by making their dressing room quake with sound for an hour.

Jay Frog: Before every show we’d have a proper sound system built specifically for us, whether it was for our trailer or the dressing room. In my time we always had four of those big JBL PA active loudspeakers that really punch out some sound. Real monsters.

Holger Storm: The sort of speakers and equipment that Scooter set up in their backstage area, others would use to fill a thousand capacity venue—that’s how powerful they are. Over the years everything has just gotten bigger and bigger. We started out with four or five people, then we were ten. Nowadays I have no idea how many people come along when Scooter go on tour. Countless. But one thing never changes: the technicians always have to set up the backstage sound equipment first.

Jay Frog: The warm-up ritual is kind of like a second stage for H.P., who always carries a CD case packed with his favorite classics. From time to time he would even play something by Led Zeppelin. Other times it would be really current stuff. Also, I would always have mixes featuring the latest tracks, always around an hour long so that we had something to get us going even if nobody wanted to deejay. Sometimes we would bang out loud mixes from other DJs as well.

Jens Thele: The warm-up ritual is not only about having fun. Rituals are very, very important for H.P. He is East Friesian, that is, he originates from Germany’s North Sea coast, which means he’s essentially stubborn. He wants things to always be the same, without any changes. That means he will turn the music up really loud backstage and act as the DJ. He changes tracks and plays around with the mixer—he’d light a cigarette, turn the bass up, plenty of crossfader, and soon you’ll notice his foot starting to stomp with the rhythm.

H.P. Baxxter: It’s the little rituals that make life beautiful, regardless of where you are. It’s these routine, unchangeable parts of life that you can always look forward to and rely on.

Kai Busse: The warm-up ritual always has to last for one hour exactly. If there’d been delays during the day which would lead in H.P. and the band turning up at the venue half an hour before they’re scheduled to go on stage, they’d still want to have their sixty minutes warm-up. If you kindly suggested that they have thirty minutes instead, they wouldn’t listen. At festivals, Scooter’s trailer would be shaking so violently that from the outside you could see the metal latches vibrating. People walking by the Scooter trailer would shake their heads. But there are also those who know our habits by now. They see the trailer and figure it out—Scooter’s here! One time we played at the same festival as the Turkish artist Tarkan and he was scared because the bouncer at our trailer—our security guy—looked like an absolute hooligan. The combination of our incredibly loud music and a two-meter tall giant sitting by our door seemed to frighten Tarkan so much that he considered pulling out of the festival. Those are the sorts of situations that are actually really funny.

Jay Frog: I’m sure I lost a few degrees off my hearing range hanging out in the Scooter backstage area. I mean, the music was louder than on stage! Other bands might have a ghetto blaster but with Scooter it has to be a proper club system.

Kai Busse: H.P.’s ears are a phenomenon. I often had the impression that he had hearing difficulties, but when I think about it, he’s only deaf when somebody wants something from him. He can actually hear very well, still.

Jay Frog: Only a very small number of people are allowed to come backstage. If somebody knew people in whatever city we were playing at, they were sometimes allowed to come by and quickly say hello. But we always wanted to have the hour before the performance to ourselves.

Kai Busse: For me, as the tour manager, the warm-up ritual was actually always the most relaxed part of the evening. It was the hour when I could find some peace. I could go through everything with the lead technician one more time while the band had their hour-long session of boozing and pure sound exposure.

Michael Simon: During the warm-up ritual, I am often envious of our roadies, as this enormous acoustic irradiation isn’t a requirement for them. How many times did I sit there in that infernal racket and get really bored because I couldn’t talk to anyone! I had to be there though because for H.P. the warm-up is supposed to be a “family affair”. So I’d just play Tetris or poker on my iPhone to kill the time. Everyone has their little habits or routines and that was mine.

Frank Lothar Lange: Directly before a performance H.P. would often come to me and whisper: “Hey Frank, I can’t go on stage tonight”. Then he would let out this high-pitched, staccato laugh, as if he wanted to laugh away the nervousness. No one laughs quite like H.P. ~


Style Icons: H.P Baxxter on The KLF.

Above, Drummond fires blanks from his M-16 randomly into the stunned crowd while appearing to smoke a cigar at the same time. 

Hearing The KLF for the first time was a decisive turning point in my life—I remember it like it was yesterday. A local radio show in Hanover played “What Time is Love?” on a Saturday in the summer of 1990, and my fate was changed forever. It was the track’s second release, the “Live at Trancentral” version with a rap by Isaac Bello and also included crowd cheering, a siren sound, a high pitched chorus and this amazingly hypnotic synth sequence that we later secretly used on dozens of Scooter tracks. It immediately reminded me of Anne Clarke’s “Sleeper in Metropolis”. The emergence of “What Time Is Love?” in the German charts came totally unexpectedly for all of us. It was like a cannon ball blast, an explosion—certainly something I had never heard before. “Kick out the jams, motherfucker!” Heavy metal and techno and maximum pressure and EUPHORIA united in a single track. The KLF’s Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty were simply far ahead of their time. That following Monday I immediately went to the record store and bought the single and, throughout the years, every subsequent one as well.

I remember on Friday nights we would always meet up at my place in Hanover about an hour before we went out partying. Immediately we’d open our beers and turn up The KLF to earsplitting levels. The neighbors then knew: the crazy dude—that would be myself—is going to lean out the window and scream his soul out of his body for the next hour. After that, he’ll be okay. But I really thought I could fly. That was before we had any raves in our area, so we just went out to our local discotheque waiting to hear The KLF. But naturally, it was quite difficult to convince the DJs to play them because it didn’t really fit in with everything else in the German charts, which I admit were absolutely horrifying. But those were the times—DJ culture for us was just beginning, the first techno club in Hanover opened in 1991, and then came the first raves.

What always fascinated me was how The KLF created their own, megalomaniacal world with a healthy dose of irony. It was all very ambiguous, anarchic, smart, and funny. They released studio recordings that sound like they’ve been recorded in a stadium, which they also marketed as such. I mean, “Trancentral” was their studio! Scooter’s very own “Hyper Hyper” also later on included massive crowd cheering, and to this day our liner notes always include surreal claims like, “Made at Sheffield Underground Studios 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…”, as if everything was recorded in eight different studios with superhuman amounts of gear and effort. In the past, I even wrote in “London”!

Indeed, The KLF were always something of a mystery, almost like a secret cult. Just look at the mysterious logo with a ghetto blaster in the pyramid and the all-seeing eye, which immediately reminded me of Freemasonry and secret societies. Or Cauty’s wrecked, 1968 Ford Galaxy police car that appeared in videos and on their album covers, and which they claim was used in the film Superman IV. The KLF declared that the car had spoken to them, revealing its name as “Ford Timelord”, which is also credited in the album sleeves. To me, such surreal approaches to presenting their image were key in bridging the gap between underground and commercial success. Paradoxically, The KLF always looked upon themselves as a vehicle of short-term artistic expression rather than a long-term recipe for success.

It wasn’t until years later that I actually read The Manual: How to Have a Number One the Easy Way by Drummond and Cauty. I was proud to realize that Scooter had followed most of the rules in the book without even knowing of its existence. I was especially amused by the parts about the singer having to be the greatest asshole imaginable—but that’s another story. Around 2000 we read an interview where Bill Drummond was asked who he sees as their successors. When I read the name “Scooter”, I couldn’t believe it. There had always been the suspicion amongst musicians and fans that The KLF were the true masterminds behind Scooter. When “Ramp! (The Logical Song)” made it into the UK and Australian charts, our English label was approached by a number of people demanding that they admit Drummond and Cauty were us. I couldn’t imagine more flattering praise. ~


Hello Scooter fans!

Today we have some interesting news! But not necessarily good news...
It has been confirmed by Scooter in a press conference in Russia that
the new third member of Scooter will be Philip Speiser also known
as Dirty Disco Youth. Maybe this will take Scooter into a different 
direction for their sound, but whether good or bad, I don't know. 
He is only 24 years old for starters, considerably younger than H.P
and even Michael who is 41 years old. I hope this doesn't mean he will
try and create "current popular" music that's around right now like electro
or house. But saying that he did say this in an interview a few months back
which I shall repost below to refresh your memories!

Hello! I know that H.P. announced yesterday that I work on the album. Some guys already wrote me because of that but I don't have time to answer everyone, so could you, maybe spread my statement on the forums? The album will include twenty unique new tracks. No reworks of old tracks or anything. Some of you might be afraid, that it will be an Electro House album, but that's not correct. Dirty Disco Youth is only one project of mine; I produced a lot of different stuff for other people. Of course the album will have an up to date dance sound and will contain big room elements and stuff. But especially I want to keep the typical Scooter energy we all love. Most of the tracks so far are 138 bpm or faster. The album will maybe be more Scooter than some of the latest tracks. That's the ambition. It will contain some different styles and also some old school elements in a modern outfit. Be prepared for some hard kick drums, energetic chords and hypnotic vocals. All the best and I'm sure you will have some fun with the new music. Phil.

Check out the sound, here's the rhythm even bigger than before and it's loud and kickin'. 


It is with a heavy heart that I bring you some extremely saddening
news today Scooter fans...

After 20 years as a member and co founder of Scooter Rick J Jordan
is leaving the band. This news came this morning from their official
Facebook page. Here is the press release below.


Founder member Rick J. Jordan exits Scooter after 20 years.

New Scooter studio album “The Fifth Chapter” scheduled for early 2014.

After 20 successful years with Scooter, founder member Rick J. Jordan will leave Scooter at the end of the 20 Years Of Hardcore Tour 2014. The last opportunity to see Rick on stage with the band will be on 24.01.2014 in Hamburg’s 02 World Arena, the finale of Scooter’s 20 Years Of Hardcore Tour. 
Following the tour, Rick will focus on his own musical projects.

Rick J. Jordan on his exit:
“After 20 fantastic hardcore years, I’ve come to realize that now is the time for me to try something new, to take a new musical direction and also to spend a bit more time with my family and friends.”

Jens Thele, Scooter manager, band member and Kontor Records managing director:
“I am pleased to say that Rick is still on good terms with the band, so I suppose we can be a little bit happy and sad at the same time with regard to his departure.”

H.P. Baxxter on Rick’s departure: 
“A quarter century of making music together – we lasted longer than many marriages. It was a great time, and a successful one. A new chapter now begins!”

For Scooter, “The Fifth Chapter” beckons and the much anticipated studio album will appear in early 2014.

Many Scooter fans are understandably upset by this news. 
And for good reason. Rick has been the man behind the music
for 20 years. Just about every Scooter song you've heard has been touched by Rick in one way or another. 
Some Scooter fans are saying they will no longer bother listening to Scooter any longer.  I am NOT one of these fans. I would like to thank Rick 
J Jordan for helping to make Scooter what it means to me today. My all time favourite band without question. It is sad to see him leave
but I can understand why. He is married with kids so of course he would want to spend more time with them and being a part of a band 
like Scooter who tours all the time would be a difficult thing. H.P Baxxter and Michael Simon do not have these commitments so
it is easier for them. I truly would like to wish Rick the best of luck for his future endeavours and hope he enjoys more time with his family!

For me, this is not the end of Scooter. It is simply another change. A big one, no doubt about it but still a change. 
I will listen to their forthcoming album with attentive ears. Rick has still helped to produce this album after all. 
I think the true musical direction that Scooter are intending to move to will be a lot more transparent after this new album
when Rick has had nothing to do with the music. So I guess, the fifth chapter has really begun after all....

A nice memory of Rick at his best.

Alright everybody, see you in a minute! 


BIG NEWS POSSE! Get excited!

Seriously, get excited right now or I won't tell you anything. 

That's better. 

Scooter's forthcoming album will be titled.....


What can I say? I love it.
I just hope some new sounding music can
justify such an awesome name. Will there be
another new member to replace Michael?
Probably not, but there is DDY helping to 
produce the new album... 

Anyway, this information is available to us
thanks to Russian fans Scar and DJ Hooligan!
So massive thanks to them for organising an
interview with Scooter! Check out the interview below!


Question (Q): Can you tell us the titles of the new single and album? When we will get to listen to the new single?

Answer (A): The album is titled The 5th Chapter, it will be released on 27th of December and the new single on 6th of December. Twenty brand-new tracks for 20 years of Scooter on 2 CDs.

Q: Will the new album be released on one audio-CD or on two CDs? Will there be a limited edition of the new album?

A: We will release the album on two CDs including twenty brand-new songs. As usual you can get as well a limited edition including the double CD, plus an additional CD with remixes of the greatest Scooter hits. Last but not least: we're going to create a special Fan Box with an exclusive fan item.

Q: There are so many mistakes in the 20 Years Of Hardcore series! Why? How it will be resolved and who will be punished?

A: So we released very special versions but, as we have the best fans in the world, they found it out immediately :) Somebody did not checked carefully the master before sending out to the label. Guess who...

Q: Did you wanted to put Suavemente (radio edit) instead of the album version on 20 Years Of Hardcore Mind The Gap, or is it a mistake?

A: No, it wasn't a mistake, it was with full intention.

Q: Will we have a chance to see the live performance of Trance-Atlantic, which was cut from the Excess All Areas DVD? Maybe as a bonus-video for the next DVD?

A: Now it's The 5th Chapter.

Q: Are you planning to release a DVD or Blu-Ray of the 20 Years Of Hardcore concert? Or an audio-CD?

A: We don't know yet.

Q: Do you plan any special surprises for Russian fans during the tour?

A: Wait and see, we're looking forward touring the first time towards Russia.

Q: Why have you never played old beautiful instrumental tracks at your concerts such as Zebras Crossing The Street, The First Time, Level One, Soul Train, Mesmerized etc?

A: It's always just a short part during the show, when H.P. is off stage, so it's always a hard decision which instrumental to play during this time. More tracks than time, it's a kind of luxury problem.

Q: Do you plan to perform tracks like Rebel Yell, I'm Your Pusher, Apache Rocks The Bottom, Lass Uns Tanzen at forthcoming concerts?

A: Let's see...

Q: Will there be any 'special' tracklists during the 20 Years Of Hardcore Tour i.e. any reworked live versions of your old tunes and so on?

A: Yes, we're already working on it.

Q: Maybe you will think about releasing a Scooter limited anniversary vinyl (like Mayday 4x Vinyl on Kontor this October)?

A: No, there will be no vinyl release.

Q: Why are there not so many remixes from famous artists on Scooter singles recently?

A: That's why we have on loads of great mixes from our hits on the limited edition of the new album.

Q: Can you tell us the history of the Scooter remix of Datura's Angeli Domini? Why it wasn't released?

A: We don't know.

Q: Ferris says that there is some unreleased material from the first chapter. Will we have a chance to listen to it sometime?

A: We don't know anything about this.

Q: We know about some unreleased tracks like Habanera (radio edit) or Stripped (club mix), also there are some tracks reworked for the live gigs. Will they be released someday in studio quality. Even as a web-release?

A: No extra releases planned. Some reworks are just fort the live shows.

Q: Will there be any track with H.P.'s natural voice on the forthcoming new album?

A: Let's wait and see...

Q: When you will make another romantic single like Break It Up, She's The Sun or No Fate?

A: You never know, but the main thing is that it needs to fit.

Q: What do you think about recording a track where the pitched-voice is made with help of a helium balloon? :)

A: Funny idea, but we believe more in technique than in helium.

Q: Acid House & Techno were the last revolution in club music? What do you think, is a new revolution possible and how it will be?

A: Now, electronic dance music, in short EDM, is really a musical genre and will stay like as a genre like Jazz or Rock music forever. This is a big achievement and we're proud to be a part of it.

Q: How do you see yourself in 2023?

A: Always Hardcore!

Q: Tell us about the former members of Celebrate The Nun. Where are they and what they are doing right now?

A: You know Britt is H.P.'s sister, for sure they still have a close relationship, and Rick you know :) With Slin Tompson there is no contact anymore.

Q: Does Jens Thele take a part in composing tracks? Either at the present time or in the past?

A: Jens is and was always part of the team. Sometimes he comes later to the production, sometimes earlier, it all depends.

Q: Can we hope for Ratty to return, or will you maybe make an alternative project with a different actual sound?

A: Do you know Baxxter, Simon & DDY or Who the Fuck is H.P. Baxxter :)?

Q: You have had concerts in all continents except South America. Are you planning to perform there sometime?

A: We hope so, but the Scooter Posse is, unfortunately, not so big in South Africa.

Q: Where did the photo session for No Time To Chill taken place? Was it a hangar or the U-bahn?

A: It was in a U-bahn and inside the old water tower.

Q: Everybody knows that you wrote the FC Hamburg HSV hymn. Are you a football fans? Which football club is your favourite?

A: We don't wrote it, it's just a hook that is played as the Hamburger SV, when they shoot a goal. By the way it's the same with Borussia MÖnchen Gladbach, they play Maria (I Like It Loud). And same in some other clubs.

Q: What's your favourite Scooter chapter?

A: All of them.

Q: How much time do you usually need to produce a new album?

A: It totally depends, in the beginning to finish the first song is the most difficult thing.

Q: What's your favourite Scooter gig ever?

A: There are so many great gigs! But definitely the gig in the stadium and the first sold out gig at the O2 Arena.

Q: Do you like to read the books?

A: H.P. reads a lot of books, especially biographies of other musicians and bands.

Q: Are you interested in making tracks with former band members?

A: Nothing is planned yet, as now the 5th chapter will start.

Q: A question for all: Do you have your own audio collection? What's in it?

A: Way too many to mention.

Q: Questions for H.P. Baxxter: We know that you like classic and antique things. What type of furniture is in your house? Antique or new in classic style?

H.P.: My house is full of English vintage furniture.

Q: What do you usually sing in the shower?

H.P.: I don't sing in the shower.

Q: What's your favourite nickname which you used in your tracks?

H.P.: The chicks Terminator :)

 Do you plan to have children?

H.P.: You never know, as I'm still young ;)

Q: Questons for Rick. Do you plan to release a solo single or album?

Rick: Nothing planned.

Q: Does H.P.'s voice at the concerts sounds like this because the microphone is connected with distortion or is it in the microphone construction?

Rick: Yes, it's the microphone's own sound resulting from the dynamic capsule in conjuntion with the mic's body design. It is mostly used to pick up blues harps and it takes some amount of compression and eq-ing to make it sound like on our records.

Q: A question for Michael. How tall are you? :)

Michael: 178cm

Q: Questions for Rick and Michael: Why did you start to using MacBook at concerts? Which DAW-platform have you used during live shows?

Rick & Michael: We've always been producing on Apple computers using Logic for a long time and nowadays mainly Ableton Live. In 2008 we started using the Macbook Pro as universal live-sound platform running Apple Main Stage as host on it. It gives us the chance to work in the same sound-environment as in the studio.

Q: Everyone begins composing the song in his / her own way. Someone makes beats and bassline first, someone makes up the melody, someone is inspired by different music and begins copying it. What is your way to start composing a song?

Rick & Michael: There is no specific way to start a composition. Sometimes we've got a strong hook element or some crazy words that drives us at the beginning of a production. But we also start in a track-orientated way, with beats and short sequence elements, waiting for inspiration to take place.

We still rock the nation... That's our reputation!


Official news Scooter fans!

Scooter's forthcoming studio album will
be released on the 27th of December!

Strange that they choose to release it
AFTER Christmas but I'm sure they 
have their reasons. The title of the album
is still yet to be revealed but remember
that it was rumoured to be The Empire
Straight Back. Whether that remains to 
be a rumour or fact, we will have to wait
and see. 

Set your mind free until you see what I see...


Sup posse?!

The official Scooter Facebook page has uploaded two very interesting photos!
Take a look below...

What on Earth are they doing?! I guess anyone's guess is as good as mine but I'd say these are
photos from a video for an upcoming single!

Ihr seid ja alle wahnsinnig!


Welcome posse!

Today we have a little bit of new news!
Scooter fan Dave from the Scooter Planet 
forum had a chance to speak to producer
DDY (Dirty Disco Youth) after hearing that
he will be involved in producing Scooter's
upcoming album and here is what he had to say.

"Hello! I know that H.P. announced yesterday that I work on the album. Some guys already wrote me because of that but I don't have time to answer everyone, so could you, maybe spread my statement on the forums? The album will include twenty unique new tracks. No reworks of old tracks or anything. Some of you might be afraid, that it will be an Electro House album, but that's not correct. Dirty Disco Youth is only one project of mine; I produced a lot of different stuff for other people. Of course the album will have an up to date dance sound and will contain big room elements and stuff. But especially I want to keep the typical Scooter energy we all love. Most of the tracks so far are 138 bpm or faster. The album will maybe be more Scooter than some of the latest tracks. That's the ambition. It will contain some different styles and also some old school elements in a modern outfit. Be prepared for some hard kick drums, energetic chords and hypnotic vocals. All the best and I'm sure you will have some fun with the new music". 

Well well well, this is indeed some interesting news! 
So now it has been confirmed that Scooter's next album will definitely 
have 20 NEW and NON remixed tracks which is awesome news. Kinda getting
tired of all these remixes as of late! Speaking of remixes you can check out 
Maria (I Like It Loud) R.I.O Remix from the link below :)

Also just a little bit of extra juicy goss. The rumoured working title for Scooter's
forthcoming album is.... The Empire Straight Back. I know a good friend of mine 
(Che cough cough) will enjoy that!

Leaving the building now. This won't be the last time. Get prepared for the next experience. 
Now and forever, Scooter... are gonna rock the place. 


Happy Friday the 13th Scooter posse! :) 

Today I give to you an interview with former Scooter member Ferris Bueller!
Thanks to Frontliner for making it happen!

Interviewer (I.).: Hello, Ferris! Thanks for your agreement to answer on our questions! So, let's start! You left Scooter in 1998, if we remember correctly. What kind of life do you live almost 15 years after that? What did you do? Who did you work as?

Ferris (F.): Hello, guys! Due to my depressions my life took a difficult direction. Already in the time when I`ve still been part of the band.
It`s really tough trying to describe how this disease starts to take control over your whole personality and life.

I.: Are you married? Do you have children?

F. No. 

I.: As we remember, you wanted to restart your carier in music. You even gave us the album title, but then you were gone. What happened? You changed your mind about that?

F.: Many, many ideas... Since the record companies are struggling to survive it`s difficult to find a strong partner who is willing to invest. Used to work on countless tracks - but I never wanted to end up with a new release on position 185 in the charts.
So far I did not find the right company.

I.: Let's speak about Scooter a little. Can you tell, what was the real reason of your leaving from the band? We know different rumors, but truth is still unknown.

F.: To make a long story short: I felt alone. From the moment we began to be international stars our friendship and our common spirit started to fade... It felt like being homesick. It was all about behaving and to make this band to be "professional".
Lack of fun, emotions and cohesion. And also I wanted to walk into a different direction music wise... positive, happy, melodic...

I.: We asked Axel and Jay frog about Scooter's b-sides from singles. Jay told, that he wrote all b-sides only himself. Axel told, that they wrote everything together with H.P. and Rick. How was that, when you were in the band?

F.: In my time the B-sides were considered as a chance to show what kind of music & spirit we really love. After "Hyper Hyper" - just by chance - became such a huge success (of course) we tried to generate more tunes like this. With the B- sides we still had the chance to do whatever we wanted to do... I would never say that one alone has been "responsible" for any of those tunes. All I can say is that I always loved to work on those tracks.

I.: Next year Scooter celebrates 20 years. Did you get the invitation drom the band to join them during their tour? And if not, what will be your reaction, if they invite you?

F.: I never got any invitation for any event. There are a few things I`d like to discuss before I`d agree...

I.: Do you have contacts with H.P. and Rick? When did you have a conversation last time?

F.: No. I met HP (still he is my cousin and used to be as close to me like a brother) some years ago. I felt like a molester and I subtle felt that he didn`t like me being around...

I.: Can you tell us, what was your role in the band? For example, who generated ideas? Who made main melodies?

F.: I would never overestimate my "role" in the band. All I can say is that I had the pleasure to have the right idea at the right time for hook lines such as: Friends, Move Your Ass, Endless Summer, Rhapsody in E, Hyper Hyper, Cosmos, Unity Without Words... And a few more. The name of the band is based on my idea. They are still successful without me, so I say: I am lucky that I played a part in founding a band like this. And at the end of the day it`s not about money, but about giving a good time to people...

I.: Were there any unreleased tracks from Scooter in the first chapter?

F.: Of course there were. But I don`t have any legal chance to release them.

I.: Thanks for your answers, Ferris!

F.: Thanks to you! I'm always opened to you!


Big news this time posse!

H.P Baxxter had a radio interview yesterday in Russia and revealed some
interesting things that will happen in coming months!

Okay, so one of the coolest things that he told was that
the official Scooter book titled Always Hardcore will, in fact
be available in English! He also said that the book will tell
the story of Scooter and will include many rare and old photos
of the band from their early days. 

H.P also revealed that the next studio album will be released
in the last week of December and will contain 20 tracks,
one for every year of Scooter's career! It also sounded as if 
some of those tracks could be reworks of previous tracks...
It did not sound too clear in the interview. They are still trying 
to sound modern in their new album but also trying to keep
the distinctive Scooter sound. 

Their new single MIGHT be played live during Scooter's upcoming
tour of Russia. 

And the track list for a mysterious Scooter release has appeared
online again titled Always Hardcore. It is a 2 CD album.
My guess is that this will be a compilation of Scooter tracks
remastered and reworked to sound different and possibly 
more modern that their original recordings. Maybe this album
is actually the one H.P was referring to in the interview but there
are more than 20 tracks on this one... 

Check out the link to the mystery album below.

Discuss in the guestbook!

Ihr Schweine.


Yo! Just a quick update today guys as there is not a lot of info
about this that I know about!

Scooter have announced a book! Not sure what will be in the book 
or what it will be about but it will be called Always Hardcore and is set
to be released on the 18th of November. For now the book will
only be in German which is pretty shit but hopefully an English
version will be announced soon!

Watch this space! 

Freestyle fusion for the crew!


Welcome posse! (Bit of Back In The UK intro for ya there...)

Well it seems as though Scooter's expanded edition CD releases
have finally come to a close. The next and final set has been
announced for release on the 11th of October. 
They will be Jumping All Over The World, Under The Radar Over 
The Top and The Big Mash Up. 

All 3 are available for pre-order on now!

Alrighty everybody, see you in a minute! Argh... 


Hot damn! It has been just over a month since the last update! 
Just 27 days until the next lot of remasters get shipped out into
our grubby little Scooter loving hands! 

This update is not particularly bringing any real news 
with it I'm afraid. Just something interesting that happened 

Scooter had to cancel their show at the Kubana music
festival in Russia due to problems with H.P Baxxters voice. 
This happens a lot with singers sometimes and is no surprise 
after continuous touring from Scooter. According to an official 
medical report it was laryngitis.

Now, what's interesting is that somehow this official medical
report found it's way onto the internet. And in this report we find 
out H.P Baxxter's real age and his home address. Quite damaging for
someone of a certain degree of celebrity status as I'm sure anyone 
would agree! I, of course, am NOT going to post H.P's address 
on this website but it can always be found in the right places... I have seen
the house on Google street view and it definitely a white villa in the 
photo that H.P has described in the past as owning. 

As for his real age... I have known for quite some time that H.P 
was not really born in 1966 as he claims but actually in 1964. 
I know this from a friend who is very reliable and got told by someone
very close to Scooter that H.P always says he is two years younger than
he really is. Other sources I have heard are one from someone's father
who claims to have been in H.P Baxxter's year level in school so could not
have been the age he says he is and another from someone who sold an old
Mini Cooper belonging to H.P Baxxter gave us the year 1964 as 
H.P Baxxter's actual birth year.

Interesting stuff huh? I'm guessing H.P likes people to think he is not
as old as he really is. But what's 2 years difference really? 

Speak no lie... I tell the truth. Time will tell ya, who is who....


Hey posse! It has been announced that the next set of Scooter's
expanded editions will be released on August 30th. So they will be
Mind The Gap, Who's Got The Last Laugh Now and The Ultimate
Aural Orgasm. Also, don't forget that No Time To Chill will also be 
released then too, that is unless there are still issues with it's release...

Also, on a side note... I have once again renewed this domain name
for another year! Yay for another year of Scooter updates :)

Annnnnd on another note. I noticed that when I loaded the homepage
that all the video links on the page all start playing automatically
at the same time. Not sure whether it's just something that happens on
my computer or not but it would be good to know! If so, I really
have no idea how to stop it lol. So maybe just mute your speakers
or something? I'm a genius. 

Whenever people agree with me... I always feel I must be wrong. 


Sigh. That is my reaction to the news I'm about to give you guys.

Scooter have delayed the No Time To Chill (Expanded Edition) until August 30. 

"But why?" I hear you asking. I feel your pain, trust me. Such a great album.
Some say it's because past Scooter members could be causing a bit of legal
troubles to do with it's re-release... Which, to me, doesn't make sense as
Axel Coon was the third member during the production of said album, but 
he was also involved with Back To The Heavy Weight Jam which we
have! Hmmm curious indeed. Maybe back in the day H.P didn't serve Axel
with a separation contract like he did with Ferris? I don't think we will ever 
find out the exact reason. We can only speculate. 

Also, would just like to remind people that sometimes if you come here
and don't see any new updates hop on over to the guestbook because
sometimes myself and other members talk about stuff in there! Sometimes
hardcore fans like Mr Klubbmaster will even talk about things I haven't even
updated the site with! He's on the ball!

Well done, Peter. 


Hey posse!

I haven't been keeping up with Scooter news lately
as I was away for a bit! Not that I've missed out on
much anyway!

Seems like the 20 Years Of Hardcore edition of
No Time To Chill has been delayed until June 7. 
I don't know why either, sorry!

Don't be sad though! That means that on
June 7th the next FOUR sets will be released!

They will be No Time To Chill, Sheffield, 
We Bring The Noise and The Stadium Techno Experience. 

Cant' wait to see what Sheffield and The Stadium Techno Experience
has to offer! Two of my favourite Scooter albums!

Sit there. Be good. Bye bye. 


A little bit of exciting news today guys! 

Scooter have announced their 20 Years Of Hardcore tour!
Unfortunately, Australia is not on the list, nor are any other
countries apart from Germany. That will change in the future
though, I'm sure. Anyway, the tour will start on the 12th of
January 2014! Now, the exciting part of this is that we might
be able to expect a new album right before the tour! 
The new album is rumoured to be released on the 
27th of December, 2013. As always, I will let you
guys know as soon as I find out anything more
definite on this!



Hey guys!
Nothing too exciting to tell you about today unfortunately. 
Hoping that Scooter are in the studio working really hard on their
next album! I really hope it will be an improvement on their
previous few...

Anyway, they uploaded a teaser video today for their
20 Years Of Hardcore series. Check out the link below!

Feels like strawberry sun! Thank you. 


Hello there! I think I may have mentioned at some point that I was going to do a review of the 20 Years Of Hardcore series... So here it is!

I am going to my usual brutally honest self here. They are the same 3 albums that we all (I assume) already own in some form or another. Whether it be from iTunes, CD or cough download cough. BUT... oh yes, there's a but... They come included with rare remixes and B-Sides and they have all been digitally remastered! Now, the remixes. So far I don't believe many of them were THAT rare... I already had 95% of them I reckon and don't think it would've been TOO hard for me to obtain them. My favourite remixes from these 3 albums would have to be...

Move Your Ass (Ultra-Sonic Remix), Endless Summer (Datura Remix), Back In The UK (Tom Wilson Remix), Let Me Be Your Valentine (Shahin & Simon Remix), and Rebel Yell (Extended Mix).

I obviously love the Ultra-Sonic Remix of Move Your Ass because I am a huge fan of U-S and you may have seen me mention before. Love both the remixes of Endless Summer and Back In The UK as they both seem to have a bit of a heavier punch over the orginals. In my opinion anyway! Let Me Be Your Valentine remix just represents classic happy hardcore to me. Simple but effective and I like the break around the 3 minute mark with the ever so awesome 303 sounds in the background. Also, interesting fact! Shahin and SIMON remix... Ring a bell? T'was current Scooter member Michael Simon who helped remix this track back in 1996 before he was even close to becoming a member of Scooter! Funny how things fall into place sometimes isn't it? Scooter also remixed one of their tracks too. It was called "Do The Right Thing (Scooter Remix)". Pretty sure it'd be on YouTube so go have a gander!

Now for my conclusion... Is this worth the money?

YES. But ONLY if you have the spare cash. I wouldn't go saving up just to get these unless you were a hardcore fan or collector. Can you hear the difference between the originals and the remasters? Yes, definitely. I played the same tracks from the originals and then the remasters back to back and the clarity and the volume was quite noticeable. And that's just on my laptop/lapdesk speakers playing through iTunes. I'm sure if you listened to them through high end headphones like Bose or Sennheisers you would notice the difference even more. But the question is... how different will the later albums sound, like The Big Mash Up compared to the original? I don't imagine they'd be much different at all to be honest considering their later albums are already compressed and clipped to the shithouse!

And NO. If you already have the original albums, remixes, B-Sides and you don't care about the sound quality so much then I would not bother getting these. They don't have any physical extras like autograph cards or anything like that (at least not in the early ones) so if you don't have the cash to splash, then don't buy them.

It's really up to you guys, but I hope I've helped make your mind up whether you want to buy them or not!

Generation of the future... See ya!


Sup Scooter fans? I have some rather disappointing news...Turns out that Scooter did NOT play ANY new material in Moscow after all.Looks like the rumour may have just been published by a Russian magazine organized by a tour promoter most likely just to get more fans there. Sigh.

Also, fellow Scooter fan from Russia, Scar, got an interview with the guys before the show. Check out the full interview on his website below.

Sounds like the guys enjoyed their little games with us hey? Haha sneaky!

Til next time, remember... The only way to have a friend, is to be a friend.



Sup guys!? Man, I bet you've all been thinking to yourselves, "Jeez, when is Jay gonna give us something GOOD for once!" Well I'm SORRY OKAY!? *Weeps*

Hopefully now you can forgive me :)

Scooter will be performing in Moscow, Russia on the 23rd of March. And guess what? It has been rumoured that they will be playing a brand new single there! BAM! Cop that one.An "informant" has dropped the word "shake" as a hint to what the new single will be. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the Harlem Shake! I'm really over that crap and I think it would be a bad decision for Scooter to try and jump on a dying bandwagon. No success to be made there boys...

Next thing!

You know H.P Baxxter turned 47 two days ago? Hard to believe, I know. But anyway, good for him! And also good for us! Have you heard of a man named Sergey? No? Let me fill you in. He is a Russian Scooter fan and musician. As a musician he goes by the name Sound X Monster and is known for his Scooter tribute albums. He takes H.P Baxxters shouts and lyrics from various Scooter songs and puts them over his own music, and I have to admit, some of the tracks sound just as good (and better in some cases) as Scooter's own tracks! Anyway, he's just released his second album as a kind of birthday present to H.P Baxxter! It's called "The Alternative Album: Another Edition". Do yourself a favour and get it here:

Last but not least. You can now pre-order the next 3 albums from Scooter's 20 years of hardcore series! Which, of course are, Age Of Love, No Time To Chill and Back To The Heavyweight Jam. They will be released on the 26th of April. Head on over to and check them out!

Well, I hope that satisfied you all! Til next time, remember... Gothic doesn't exist.

PS: You may have noticed that the 20 years of hardcore series is not in the albums section of my discography. Don't expect it to be either. I just don't think they can be considered studio albums or live albums and would just make the page a lot bigger and harder to navigate than it needs to be. Maybe I can make a dedicated page just for them? I'll think about it. But until then Google, Amazon and iTunes are your friend :) 


Official Scooter mini-mix for remastered album And The Beat Goes On...

Not sure if I'm just imagining it or not but it does sound a LITTLE more crisp and sharp
than the original album. But before I judge I'll wait til I have the remastered version and 
listen to that and then the original using my Sennheiser HD555's. Then we will see.

Over and out. 


Heys guys. Just a quick update letting you know I'll be removing the pictures and videos section from my site. In this day and age of the internet it's so easy to use Google and YouTube for these sorts of things that it seems pretty much pointless and a waste of space on my site! 

I leave you with a really old Scooter video ;) Check it out!


Is anyone still out there? Haha. 
Sorry guys, Scooter have been so quiet lately! But at least we now know 
what their 20th Year Anniversary Box Set will contain! And I must
admit that I'm not too pleased about it either... 

So here's the deal. Scooter are re-releasing all of their studio albums apart from Music For A Big Night Out. 
Each one will be digitally re-mastered. Pointless for any album released after 2005 in my opinion...
Each box set will contain 3 albums. So there will be 6 box sets. Apparently when you have them
all and line them up on a shelf or whatever you can see a picture. Probably the Scooter logo
or some kind of shot of the guys. Yay. 

Here is what is in the first box set.

CD 1  (Original album digitally remastered) 
1.Different Reality
2.Move Your Ass
3.Waiting For Spring
4.Endless Summer
6.Rhapsody In E
7.Hyper Hyper
8.Raving In Mexico
9.Beautiful Vibes
11.Faster Harder Scooter

CD 2  (Remixes and Rarities)
1.Vallee De Larmes
2.Vallee De Larmes-Re-Incarnation By The Loop-Vers
3.Hyper Hyper-On A Spanish Fly Tip
4.Hyper Hyper-Prezioso Mix 2
5.Modeselektor ft.Otto V.Schirach - Hyper Hyper
6.Move Your Ass-Ultra-Sonic Rmx
7.Move Your Ass-Mandala Rmx
8.Move Your Ass-Mega'lo Mania-Acid Mania Mix
9.Move Your Ass-Para-Dizer Rmx
10.Move Your Ass-Men Behind Rmx
11.Move Your Ass-Alien Factory Rmx
12.Move Your Ass-Matiz Rmx
13.Sido ft.Scooter, Kitty Kat & Tony D - Beweg Dein

CD 3  (Remixes, Rarities and B-Sides)
1.Friends-Single Version
2.Friends-Ramon Zenker Club Mix
3.Friends-Jeyenne Mix
4.Endless Summer-Maxi Version
5.Endless Summer-Datura Rmx
6.Endless Summer-Datura Instrumental Version
7.Endless Summer-Spanish Version
8.Endless Summer/Hyper Hyper/Move Your Ass-Live
9.Unity Without Words Part 1
10.Across The Sky
11.Back In Time

You can pre-order the box set here:

Works out to be about $16 per box set with free postage. Not too bad I guess. Personally I think this is mainly just a grab for cash. 
I'm not very happy about this at all. They could've at least included physical items like stickers, autograph cards, even a USB with
behind the scenes of videos or live shows or studio time! Even a DVD for gods sake. Most hardcore fans are going to have most of these
tracks released with the box sets! Sigh. I would have preferred a new album/box set to celebrate their 20th year anniversary with a DVD or
something too. Anyway, rant over. I don't think I'm going to buy this one... I feel a bit cheated, but I could always change my mind I guess!

Thoughts or opinions? Tell me in the guest book! 


Well, a bit of surprising news has come around! It is very early news 
so hardly any information on it as of yet. 3 Scooter box sets have
appeared on Amazon as a 20th year anniversary type thing. Here's
what they are called.

And The Beat Goes On: 20 Years Of Hardcore box set. 

Our Happy Hardcore: 20 Years Of Hardcore - Expanded Edition box set.

Wicked: 20 Years Of Hardcore - Expanded Edition box set. 

And that's all we have for now! I wonder they will include? 
Watch this space!


Hey guys! Wow it's been dead around here! How are you? What's new?

Just thought I'd update you all with something a little interesting but
not Scooter related... I think. 

There is a track that's is going to be released later today/tomorrow
called "Who The Fuck Is H.P Baxxter?" by H.P Baxxter.

Now, I'm not sure I believe that H.P actually produced this track or
even had anything to do with it! Anyway, check out this sample!*ck-is-hp-baxxter/ex/s~details,u~7000038863,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

I wonder....


Hey guys!

Still no real news on Scooter as of yet. Just thought I'd stop by and wish you all
a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have a present for you :) It's not much, but I love skipping to certain bits
during Scooter concerts so though I'd mash all my fav bits together!

Check it out :)

* The video is no longer available on YouTube due to my numerous
copyright infringements it seems. Sigh. Worked so hard on that too!


Hey guys! Long time no speak! 

I know I haven't updated this in a while but there really is not much news after
the release of a new album. This is how it's always been!

Although... I do have a bit of interesting news for you...
During a DJ set in Russia some fans sat down with Rick
and asked him a couple of questions. One of which was....

"The next single. What will it be? Will it be a track from Music For A Big Night Out?"

And Rick replied...

"Hehe, if I knew, I'd answer for sure. But we don't know yet. We have already produced some new tracks for the next album, so if it will be necessary to release one more single from Music For A Big Night Out, it will be a surprise for us as well".

Well well well. Verrryyy interesting! Scooter are already working hard on their next album it seems! Does this mean a release isn't too far away? Maybe March/April release? Or will they have a nice big break over Christmas and get back to work in Feb or something? 

As always, time will tell. 


Well the new Scooter album Music For A Big Night Out has been out for a few days 
now and some of your opinions are in! For the most part people seem to like this
album quite a lot! Quite a few people on the official Scooter forum like the album too.

Personally, I definitely like the album. Is it my favourite? Nope. Is it in my top 3?
I'd have to say no... But it is certainly their best album since The Ultimate Aural Orgasm 
in 2007, which IS my favourite Scooter album. So yeah. There's my opinion for you!

Scooter have announced there will be no live tour supporting their new album this 
year or next... Instead they will be preparing for a massive tour in 2014 for their 
20th year anniversary! I reaaaalllyyyy hope they come to Australia! 


2 days to go guys! Although here in Australia you might have to wait until Saturday morning.
Depending on how you want to go about "obtaining" the album. I am definitely not
encouraging illegal piracy or anything like that... cough.

Anyway, check out these new samples! These have changed my 
opinions of some of the songs on the album now!

I'm still excited for Army Of Hardcore the most! I wasn't so
pleased about Overdose (Frazy) at first but now I think I am 
really intrigued to hear the full song! Pretty sure it's inspired from
Technohead's track "I Wanna Be A Hippy".
What Time Is Love seems to be pretty much a blatant
 rip off from The KLF song. I think I'm looking forward
to that one the least. I'm not too sure about I Wish I Was.
Sampled off that "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" song,
which I can't stand. But the verses sound really dark and cool!
And by the sounds of it Too Much Silence and Last Hippie Standing
seem to be the only instrumentals on the album. Both sound good
but I personally prefer Too Much Silence. 

So there you have my opinions on the album so far. After I have heard the full 
album in it's entirety I will be posting my review of it. My good friend Dominic 
will also be joining me in writing his own review. So look forward to that!

* Updated the My Collection page with some photos of my basic Scooter collection.


Well, well, well. I guess we don't have to wait until the albums release
after all to hear some samples! Oh yes, you read correctly! So without
further adue, here is the link ;)

So, what do you think?

I personally like the sounds of Army Of Hardcore, No Way To Hide and Talk About Your Life the most!

I'm very excited for this album!


Ooooooh, not long now until the new album and single are out! 6 more days!

Earlier today Scooter recorded the video for the upcoming single Army Of Hardcore!
Here's some exclusive pics!

Man this looks awesome! I'm excited :) 


Just a quick update! Totally just added a new page to my site!
My Scooter collection! There you can see exactly what Scooter
music I own myself! Go nuts! Hahaha.

Also, I'm thinking about deleting the video and pictures pages.
Seems pointless these days when we have Google and whatnot...




So now we have some bad news... Apparently Jens Thele (Scooter's manager) of Kontor Records
has come out and stated that the officials have no 
plans to release any samples of the new album before the release date! 
NOOOOO! Now we have to wait till the 2nd of November
to hear anything at all! Ah well, could be a nice surprise though!

*Singles section updated for Army Of Hardcore track listing. 


Hello again! Just a small update today.

There will be a deluxe version of Music For A Big Night Out available to 
download on the German iTunes with an additional 3 tracks and a video which will be....

Army Of Hardcore (Extended)
4AM (Picco Remix)
4AM (Clubstar UK Mix)
4AM Video.

I'm not too fussed about these so probably won't buy them. But there is always
good old Pirate cough Bay cough ahem. 

I have pre-ordered my copy of Music For A Big Night Out (Limited) 
from Have you?

PS - The track Overdose on the album has now 
been renamed Overdose (Frazy). Strange?

PPS - Here is a portion from a German article about their upcoming album (badly translated as you can see)

True to the scooter's success formula fattest beats pulsate through bold smash hits like "I'm A Raver Baby" or the stadium anthem "Overdose" and give the thematic direction the album. On top underline a Goa-inspired instrumental like "Too Much Silence" or provided with stunning female chorus, party anthem "4 AM," the musical spectrum. The album will be crowned by the powerful and meaningful hit "Army Of Hardcore", which is logically also be the new single. Uncompromising, focused and energetic, but always with a wink.


Wow you guys in the guest book are quick! 
Good job to klubbmaster who pretty much said exactly what I was going to say!

Scooter have announced their NEW upcoming single titled Army Of Hardcore.
Sounds pretty awesome huh? The cover is too. Check that shit out!

The single will be released on the same day as the upcoming album which
is called Music For A Big Night Out and will be released in just 15 days on
November 2nd! 

Pssst! I have also heard whispers that the video for this single will feature
a paintball fight. Hmmmm...


Wow, so much news coming out as the release for Scooter's new album creeps closer and closer! 20 days to go! 

Scooter have recently just finished the master CD for their upcoming album Music For A Big Night Out. 
On Facebook, Michael Simon reveals the genres of each track. Check it out!

1. Full Moon (Intro)
2. I'm A Raver, Baby (Hardstyle)
3. Army Of Hardcore (Trance)..yes i think im sure here :-)
4. 4 AM (Prog.House)
5. No Way To Hide (Prog.House)
6. What Time Is Love? (Prog House/trance ??)
7. Overdose (Happy Hardstyle)
8. Talk About Your Life (Hardstyle high pitched)
9. I Wish I Was (Prog House)
10. Black Betty (House-Dubstep-Electro...)
11. Too Much Silence (Trance)
12. Last Hippie Standing (Psytrance)

He also states that his favourite track on the new album is Army Of Hardcore! Really can't wait to hear this song!



Good news today Scooter fans! We have an official track list! 
Check it out below!

1 - Full Moon
2 - I'm A Raver, Baby
3 - Army Of Hardcore
4 - 4AM
5 - No Way To Hide
6 - What Time Is Love?
7 - Overdose
8 - Talk About Your Life
9 - I Wish I Was
10 - Black Betty
11 - Too Much Silence
12 - Last Hippie Standing

Interesting as always... And I can assume, judging by this track list
that there will, again, be more samples. But you know what H.P says...

"It's not where you take things from. It's where you take them to". 


Sup yo?

So the cover for Scooter's upcoming album has officially been released now and I think it's
quite a bit different from the rough draft! Here it is below...

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the guest book!

Music For A Big Night Out is due out on the 2nd of November.


Hey guys! Little bit of exciting news today. The pre cover for
Scooter's upcoming album was found on the internet by a fellow
Scooter fan. It is not the final artwork so it'll be interesting to see
how close this one will be compared to the final cover!

Anyway, here is the early version of the album artwork!


Hey guys! No news today... Just thought I'd write a little something from myself. 
Just wanted to say how appreciative I am of the people who sometimes leave me feedback 
about my web site. There have been a few times when I've wondered whether it would be 
worth the time and effort I put into it. Which is why I had someone take over my role a while
back to help me out. But when I see your posts in the guest book telling me that you like my site
it really motivates me to keep it running! Never in a million years would I have expected 
to have nearly 44,000 hits! So thank you posse! :)


Hello again! :)

Another short update today. Michael Simon uploaded a video to YouTube and stated that it was 
only going to be online for half an hour before he took it down! Luckily a Scooter fan saw it and 
saved the video and re-uploaded it for the people to didn't see it! How thoughtful :)

The video seems to be a small preview of a track that could be included on the new album!
I reckon it sounds awesome. About time we had some powerful trance from Scooter!

Here's the video link:


Just a quick update guys! 

Amazon has leaked the name of Scooter's upcoming album! Awww shiiiit. I bet they're pissed.
Anyway, the album is said to be released on the 2nd of November and will be called....

Music For A Big Night Out.

Interesting name... I'd say this album will be very commercial sounding judging by the title
of this album. Michael Simon has also confirmed on his Facebook that they will be shooting
the video for "4AM" sometime this week, as they have been working on the new album 
and apparently just finished a nice trance track! Hells yeah! 


Well guys, I've heard the new single and I gotta say - it's different.
I don't hate it or anything. It's not bad. But I just hope that not every track on
the new album will be house! We need some hard hitting Scooter!
This song samples the song "Promise Me" by Beverly Craven.

Check it out for yourselves!

Also, I took the liberty to writing out the lyrics. 
Not sure if they are 100% correct or not but I'm
sure they are close enough ;)

Let me know what you think in the guestbook!

Scooter  -  4AM.

You light up another cigarette, 
And I pour the wine.
It's four o'clock in the morning, 
And it's starting to get light.

Here we go!

Energy, energy g gise, for the raving enterprise, 
MC, what day is it? 
I've lost my fucking memory.
The master mic enforcer, bass junky's what I am.
I rock you on the dance floor, feel the noise - we got the jam.

I got the classy swag,
Now that's why I get flagged.
More like a taxi cab,
Where are the chicks to check?  *down the floor*

You light up another cigarette, 
And I pour the wine.
It's four o'clock in the morning, 
And it's starting to get light.


Skibadee skibadee g gise, I will never compromise, 
MC, what time is it? 
I've lost my fucking memory. 
The master getting faster, no diggedy's who I am,
That's why I paid the money, going mental and get the jam.

I got the classy swag,
Now that's why I get flagged.
More like a taxi cab,
Where are the chicks to check?  *down the floor*

You light up another cigarette, 
And I pour the wine.
It's four o'clock in the morning, 
And it's starting to get light.

I got the classy swag,
Now that's why I get flagged.
More like a taxi cab,
Where are the chicks to check?  


FINALLY I have some Scooter news worth talking about! 
Scooter announced the release of a new single on their Facebook today! 
This is exactly what was posted....

BIG NEWS! Be prepared for the brand new single 4 A.M. coming THIS Friday (mgmt)!

So as you can see the new single will be called "4 A.M" and we can hear it on Friday
or Saturday if you live in Australia. Hells to the motherfucking yeah!

Also some small news about the upcoming album.... (possible release late October/early November)
A fan asked Michael Simon if Scooter can make some old school trance 
kind of music and Michaels reply was "Don't forget it's 2012..."
The fan then stated that he hopes there won't be any high pitched voice on the new
album and Michael simply replied "Tell this to Rick and H.P".

So it seems to be unlikely that Scooter will head back to their roots. But he 
did confirm that there had been at least one hardstyle track made for the album!

You can check out the cover art for the new single "4 A.M" above and 
in the singles section :)

Watch this space...


Hey guys!

First of all I would like to apologise... I kinda forgot to renew my domain name for this website so it has been offline for a few weeks :(
Also, due to being offline, my domain name then becomes available for someone else to buy... And so it was. By some stupid spam site
that no one cares about. 

SO, I'm sure you know what this means. I had to change my domain name and address. So from now on the address for this site 
will be

I hope we can continue on as planned and pretend this never happened... :) 

Now for some Scooter news!

There really isn't much. Scooter have done the odd show here and there but no new material has been played. 
Michael Simon has talked about resuming his solo DJ career. So I wonder what this will mean for the band?
This time is usually a pretty quiet time for Scooter but they could be in the studio working on new stuff now!

We can be optimistic right? :) 


Well well well. What do we have here? A Scooter fan I presume? I'd hope so, otherwise I'd have no idea what you'd be doing on this web site... 

Anywayyy, like I said in my previous post, Scooter have not been up to a whole lot but they did update us all on their Facebook!
This is what they said...

hi folks, we´re working really hard in our studio @ the moment. that´s why we didn´t update our status for the last weeks... we try harder... all i can say is that the new stuff will be excellent and ass-kicking!! there are lots of ideas in our mid that we currently try to work out on our machines! peace out, stay tuned, cee yaaa! r.

Can't wait!


Heya posse! I'm really sorry I haven't updated my site in a while... Been kinda side tracked lately!
Not that there is any real news to tell! Times are slow at the moment. Scooter are apparently working on a new album but don't expect
to hear anything about it anytime soon.. I'd say maybe around September or October we could have a new single! Time will tell. 
Until then, feel free to message me any questions you have regarding Scooter or anything at all really!
Sit there, be good, bye bye :)


You guys can listen to Scooter's new single "It's A Biz (Ain't Nobody)" LIVE 
here in the video below!

I quite like it to be honest :) 

I'm sure the video for it will be released any day now. Stay tuned!

Discography updated.....


Hey guys! Here is the official cover for Scooter's new single It's A Biz!
Notice that the apostrophe is in the wrong place too.. Kinda annoying lol.


NOW the news is starting to roll in guys!

Scooter's next single has been announced and it will be IT'S A BIZ! 
Yessss! Totally hoped for this! It will be released some time in March. 

Also, the 40th edition in the Skitzmix series released here in Australia 
is due to be released on Feb 24th and it will include a mega mix dedicated 
entirely to Scooter! Whether this is a new one or the same one on The Big Mash Up, I don't know...

Stay tuned.


Why hello there fellow Scooter fans! I see I have not posted any news this year as of yet... 
That's mainly because there hasn't been a lot of happening. Scooter have announced a tour 
to promote their latest album and will be called "The Big Mash Up Tour" for obvious reasons.
All the dates so far are only in Germany and one show in Switzerland. Sucks to live all the 
way down in Australia sometimes... sigh. 

Here is the teaser video for The Big Mash Up Tour.



Yesterday Scooter performed at The Dome 60 with their new single "C'est Bleu". Vicky Leandros was actually on stage with them too!



First of December already? Jeez... 

Scooter revealed their video for "C'est Bleu" this morning! Check it out below.


I much prefer this video over the one for "David Doesn't Eat". 
Shows them relaxing and in their natural environment in the
studio and also features Vicky Leandros doing the vocals for the track
in the studio also! The snippets from TSTI add for the pure Scooter energy
during the verses.

What do you guys think?


SUP GUYZ? Scooter officially announced that C'est Bleu will indeed be the new single.
Have a gander at the artwork if you wish!


Sup guys!? I am back from New Zealand and ready to bring you some HARDCORE TECHNO NEWS. That makes no sense at all but you catch my drift. 
Let's make this short and sweet shall we?

C'est Bleu will be the next single. Done.

Watch this video.

God I'm good. 


After a day or so of playing the new album over and over I still gotta say that Sugary Dip, C'est Bleu and Copyright are my favourite tracks on the album! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the guestbook!

The video for Scooter's newest single was released yesterday as well! 
Check it out below....



Okay guys, I've listened to the entire album and here's a brief review of it in my point of view!

C.I.F.L - Just an intro tracks. When the the words are reversed back to normal it says "Copyright is for losers".

David Doesn't Eat - I'm not a very big fan of dubstep at all but this track is okay. Might grow on me. Probably could've done without the 80's sample...

Dreams - Sounds very similar to "Freestyler" by Bomfunk MC's at the beginning of the song but tones down into a cheesy track for the chorus and back again later. Quite a good track.

Beyond The Invisible - I'm not very fond of this song as I don't like dubstep much. Some of the lyrics are cool though. Wish they were in another song haha. I can see myself skipping this track in the future. 

Sugary Dip - Definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album! Sampled from "Have You Never Been Mellow" by Olivia Newton John. 

It's A Biz - Very strange track. Not typical Scooter but then again, this whole album isn't typical Scooter. H.P's voice sounds very different in this song. Seems like a cross between electro/house and even a little hip hop. 

C'est Bleu - GREAT track! Play this one LOUD. Has a french chorus (I think) but who cares. Sounds awesome nevertheless. Also love the refrain near the end of the track. "WHAT ABOUT NOW?!"

8:15 To Nowhere - An instrumental track. Not too bad but a little repetitive. Definitely don't hate it though.

Close Your Eyes - Very electro sounding. Okay track but one of the lesser one's on this great album. 

The Only One - This one's been released for a while. I love it, dunno why not many other people do... 

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll - I could really imagine this song being played in a club. VERY electro/house sounding! Personally, I think it's average. 

Copyright - Pretty cool song! H.P and someone else (not sure who yet) taking turns at singing. Another favourite of mine on the album :)

Bang Bang Club - Apparently this track was all H.P's idea after he visited a club in New York. Very slow electro/house track. I can see hands in the air when this track is dropped.

Summer Dream - Probably the cheesiest song on the album haha. And the "la lalalalala la" in the chorus can get a little annoying. Average track.

Mashuaia -  Instrumental track inspired by Michael Simon's visit to Ibiza. Soft trance. Not a fan. 

Friends Turbo - The first single released from this album. Just a revamped version of their 1995 single "Friends" and was made as a soundtrack song for the movie "New Kids Turbo".

Well that's my (very) brief review of Scooter's new album. What? I'm a busy man, leave me alone. Anyway, to finalise my review I'd say that C'est Bleu and Sugary Dip are my favourites on the album and my least liked is easily Beyond The Invisible. Dubstep = ugh. 

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review from my good friend Dominic, who used to help me run the site. He'll also be running it for a while after October 27th while I'm in New Zealand! What a great friend :) 


Alright guys today is the day! Scooter's newest album The Big Mash Up is released and it is AWESOME. If you have pre-ordered yours from the you will most likely receive it in a few days. However, if you pre-ordered from you will have to wait a while longer :( But the album should be available for download by tonight, so have a look for it then! Don't tell anyone I told you that though!

But until then you can listen to the whole album here:

And you can check out an official The Big Mash Up mini-mix below :)



Only a couple more days until The Big Mash Up is released guys! Get excited!

The video for the upcoming single David Doesn't Eat has been finished and is currently in the editing phase.
Here's a nifty photo from the video shoot :)


Check out what's in the VIP Box edition of The Big Mash Up folks!


Sup guys? 
Just letting you know that a lot of the samples of The Big Mash Up getting released on to the internet are being deleted pretty quickly. 
For example, the YouTube video below was deleted but then re-uploaded. So yeah, if any of the links I've sent you to don't work I apologise in advance.  

But y'all can always head to Scooter's official Facebook page where they are releasing day by day, 30 second samples of one track off the album until 
the release date. Check that out yo!

Note - If you guys think there is anything I can do to improve my site, please let me know in the guestbook!
           I'd love to see your feedback whether it's positive or negative :)  Better be positive or I'll hunt you down :)


Well well well... The samples that were released on yesterday have all been removed. 
Also, the official Scooter forum is also down at the moment. It's like the album is not allowed to be discussed or 
sampled anywhere! Scooter should call the album "The Big Cover Up" lol.

LUCKILY you can still hear all the previews on YouTube thanks to the dedicated Scooter fan LakiStrike.

Check out the preview below!


The sample's are up for Scooter's upcoming album The Big Mash Up!

My first impressions are that it sounds interesting. Fresh. 
There are hints of dubstep in a few tracks which I'll admit, I'm not too keen on...

Best sounding tracks for me so far are - Sugary Dip, Summer Dream and Copyright.
Worst - Beyond The Invisible. 

These are only my initial opinions. I will, of course, tell you what I think of the album once I've heard it in full.
Sit there. Be good. Bye bye.


Seems as though Amazon are removing the samples one by one so by the time you read this they may already be gone... Looks like somebody fucked up. Nevertheless, Scooter said on their Facebook earlier that starting on October 1st they will release a 30 second sample of one track from the album each day up until the album release. So that will be your chance!


Sup guys? Today is my birthday! I'm 23 now. So old right? Hahaha.

Anyway... Today I was enlightened by that Scooter's next single "David Doesn't Eat" might just contain 
samples from an old 70's disco song called "A Walk In The Park" by Nick Straker Band. Interesting nonetheless. 

Check out the song below!


Looks like the track list for Scooter's upcoming album has been revealed! posted the track names just hours ago so I'd say it's from a reliable source!
Have a gander below and tell me what you think in the guestbook. 

The Big Mash Up.

Disc 1.
1 - C.I.F.L
2 - David Doesn't Eat
3 - Dreams
4 - Beyond The Invisible 
5 - Sugary Dip
6 - It's A Biz
7 - Cest Bleu
8 - 8:15 To Nowhere
9 - Close Your Eyes
10 - The Only One
11 - Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll
12 - Copyright
13 - Bang Bang Club
14 - Summer Dream
15 - Mashuaia
16 - Friends Turbo

Disc 2.
Suck My Megamix - The longest Scooter single in the world featuring all 46 Scooter singles in one megamix.


Sup yo?

Last night Scooter revealed the name of the upcoming single! 
The new single will be called "David Doesn't Eat" and will be released on the same day (October 14) as their new album "The Big Mash Up".
Cover can be seen up there. ^^

Can't wait to see what the hell Scooter pull out of their asses with a name like that haha. 

Also, I seemed to have worked a way around my issue with the images. It's a pain in the ass but I do it for you guys ;)

Catch ya!

* Albums and Singles sections have been updated with the new titles and covers.


Hey guyyyyys!
The last cover I posted for Scooter's upcoming has now been changed and THIS is now the official cover.

I like this one better. Yep. 

You can pre-order all editions of the new album at

Also, I've been trying to make a few updates on the site. Namely the "newest album" section on the home page and the
albums section in the navigation bar. For some reason, it's being difficult with me and I can't seem to re-size pictures or move
them where I want to. Soooo until that is fixed I can't really update those sections. I also can't seem to add any links...

Forgive me? 

Talk soon, Jay.


Oh hai there!

More details have been released about Scooter's upcoming album and here they are.

It will come in three different versions. 

Regular Edition: 2 CDs.
Limited Edition: 2 CDs and a DVD.
Limited Edition Deluxe Fan Box: 2 CDs, DVD, hand signed Scooter postcards, a H.P necklace and a Scooter poster.

The second CD on all versions will be a long mega-mix of all of Scooter singles up until now. Hence the name "The Big Mash Up".
The DVD on the limited and deluxe editions will contain the concert The Stadium Techno Inferno live. 

Here is the front cover of the upcoming album "The Big Mash Up". 

Looks eerily like the cover from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" doesn't it? Tisk tisk. 

See ya!


Man I can get inconsistent updating this site.. Sorry guys :(

First things first! Scooter did an interview a month or so ago where they revealed they did not like the direction that their new album was heading in and that the sound did not sound like the typical "Scooter Style" and so as a result, they basically re-did half the album! I wonder what they have changed??

Now to the juicy stuff!

According to Scooter's upcoming album "The Big Mash Up" will be released on the 14th of October! It will come in a limited edition box set, very much like "Under The Radar Over The Top" did. It will contain 2 CD's and 1 DVD. I think the DVD will be the "The Stadium Techno Inferno" live in concert, as it was definitely recorded. All the videos can be seen on Scooter's official YouTube channel! But as for the second CD... I have some theories, but will keep them to myself for now!

Scooter have ALSO announced a tour in 2012 to support the album! Here are the dates.

22.03. Hamburg - o2 World
23.03. Aachen - Tivoli Eissporthalle
24.03. Saarbrücken - E Werk
26.03. Frankfurt - Jahrhunderthalle
27.03. Essen - Grugahalle
29.03. Bremen - Pier 2
30.03. Bielefeld - Stadthalle
31.03. Leipzig - Arena
02.04. Kempten -- Big Box
03.04. Zürich (CH) - Komplex 547
04.04. München - Zenith
06.04. Berlin - o2 World

Til next time posse! See ya!


Well the big moment has just passed a few short hours ago. Scooter's biggest concert yet! From what I've heard the show was fantastic! Here is the track list from the concert.

01. Intro

02. Hello (Good To Be Back)
03. Aiii Shot The DJ
04. Jumping All Over The World
05. The Question Is What Is The Question
06. I'm Raving
07. The Only One
08. Ramp! (The Logical Song)
09. The Leading Horse
10. Stuck On Replay
11. Frequent Traveller + We Are The Greatest
12. Sunrise (Here I Am)
13. Jumpstyle Medley
14. Jigga Jigga!
15. Habanera
16. Fuck The Millennium + Call Me Manana
17. No Fate
18. Ti Sento
19. J'adore Hardcore 
20. Jump That Rock!
21. How Much Is The Fish? 
22. One (Always Hardcore)
--- 1st Break ---
23. Fire
24. Nessaja
25. Maria (I Like It Loud)
--- 2nd Break ---
26. Endless Summer + Hyper Hyper + Move Your Ass!

I think it's pretty safe to say it would have been an epic show by the looks of that track list! But don't just take my word for it! Check out this video! 


If you go to this channel, you'll also find a few more Scooter videos from the concert! There are also a few other videos around but these are the best quality I've seen so far. The show was recorded, which means it will most likely be released alongside their upcoming album "The Big Mash Up" which is due sometime in August. You can expect another single to be released before then though! Until next time posse.. Bye bye. 


Hey everyone! I'm excited to tell you that I decided to create a tribute video to our favourite band -  Scooter! It took me 2 days and a lot of cutting and editing but here it is! Tell me what you guys think of it!



Hey guys. Just letting you know I just renewed my website for yet another year! I really hope you appreciate this site as much as I do! If it wasn't for the occasional email and guestbook entry I don't think I'd have the motivation to keep doing this as it does cost money to run! Thank you!




The video for Scooter newest single "The Only One" has just been released right HERE!

Very weird video I think. Definitely not the usual Scooter style, but then do Scooter really ever stick to one style? Lol.
I don't hate the video but it's certainly not one of my favourites...


I have an idea! For those of you who are regulars to my site or post in the guestbook from time to time and would like to get to know me and vice versa, you are quite welcome to add me on Facebook! I'd like to get to know you on a slightly more personal level and discuss Scooter more often!

Add me on Facebook riiiiigggghtttt here!


Wow! Scooter have hit us with a heap of good news over the past week!

The new single "The Only One" will be released on the 20th of May. I've updated the "singles" section of the site to include the cover and track list!
To hear a cut-together version of the whole song click here!

Their upcoming album will be titled "The Big Mash Up" and will be released in August!

Their upcoming concert "The Stadium Techno Inferno" that is taking place on the 25th of June has a budget of ONE MILLION EUROS!
It will feature 30 dancers, a shitload of pyrotechnics and a sound system capable of pounding out 240,000 watts of PURE SCOOTER ENERGY!
The stage will be multi-leveled and around 50 metres long!
There will also be some special guests but at the moment I haven't heard any whispers on who they will be. Stay tuned though!

My opinion of "The Only One"?

I think it is fucking amazing. This is the best single they have released in years and could very well be my favourite. A bit early to say, I know, but the energy and kick this track has just makes it for me. The lyrics are great for a party style track and I can imagine the atmosphere of this track being played live would be awesome. I love how they included a 303 line in there as well! I really hope the rest of the album will be this powerful!

Lyrics for "The Only One".

The only one I know, has come to take me away.
The only one I know, is mine when she stitches me.

This one’s for the masses!
I’m calling you!
Stand clear of the doors please!

can't wait for the day to be done.
we rock to the rhythm and drum,
the sun rose up the windows down.

Move on,
cos I wanna see all the massive.
on the stage it’s gonna be impressive,
we travel at the speed of sound.

It’s the ride you decide,
you will never compromise.

We analyze the session,
get the lesson, if you dare.

The only one I know, has come to take me away.
The only one I know, is mine when she stitches me.

Ladies without gentlemen! This is the introduction!

Yeah yeah eah eah eah! Yeah yea yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Nobody’s gonna bring us down.
the louder, the better we sound,
you won’t believe what’s up tonight.

Take me,
you know it’s all about the chicks.
the reason we’re still in the mix,
I see you at the V.I.P.

No control, let it roll
tonight I’ll take your soul.

I confess no regrets,
as we progress now.

The only one I know, has come to take me away.
The only one I know, is mine when she stitches me.

Ahh... We are justified... and we are ancient.

Yeah yeah eah eah eah! Yeah yea yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The only one I know.
The only one I know.


Now we have the video! I reckon that it makes the song that little bit better because, in my opinion the song is not that great. But I think they did a great job on the video!

Check it out here -


Hey guys! Scooter's new single "Friends Turbo" was released today! And as you may have already heard, it's already playing in the background of this site ;)

Here's a link to hear the new single -

The video will be uploaded soon!


Alrighty guys, as you know Scooter will be releasing their new single on the 15th of April and it'll be called "Friends Turbo".
As far as I know "Friends Turbo" will not be the single aimed at promoting their upcoming album but merely just a new track which will be featured in the new movie "New Kids Turbo". It will also be included in the movies soundtrack.

Now, I believe a track called "The Only One" will be the first single released to promote their new album. We will see.

Anyway, here are some delicious samples of "Friends Turbo" for you to feast your ears on. And that made no sense at all. That's how I roll.

Amazon samples:

Turbo Upload sample:  (Friends Turbo - Movie Version)

Turbo Upload sample:  (Friends Turbo - Drum N Bass Mix)

Track list section has also been updated!

Your welcome.


Well... What can I say? I have not updated this site for quite a long time, and for that, I'm sorry. As of late there hasn't been too much news. At least not anything too exciting anyway! But recently Scooter have announced their upcoming single titled "Friends Turbo". There is a rumour going around that it might actually be a double single titled "The Only One/Friends Turbo" and that "The Only One" will be a brand new song and not a re-worked one like "Friends Turbo" but I don't know for sure. We'll have to wait and see. "Friends Turbo" will be released on April 15th.

Here is a picture of the cover.

The single will feature in an upcoming movie which is the sequel of a movie called "New Kids Turbo". I will update this more when I have official info.

"New Kids Turbo" IMDB link here:

"New Kids Turbo" trailer here: