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About the web master.... Jay Brewer.

It started in the year 2000. Jay Brewer was going through his fathers CD collection
looking for some Ultra-Sonic CD's. While searching he came across Scooter's CD
single "Move Your Ass" and noticed that there was an Ultra-Sonic remix on there. 
That's all he really cared about to begin with. He listened to the remix and liked it a lot. 
He thought he might as well listen to the original "Move Your Ass" by Scooter as well, 
to see how much it had been remixed. Little did Jay know, he was about to stumble 
across what would be his favourite band and also small obsession for the next 11 
years (and counting) of his life. 

Back then Jay did not have the internet nor any money to buy any more of Scooter's 
music! His first ever album was "Push The Beat For This Jam: The Singles 1994-2002" which
was given to him for his birthday. He instantly liked Scooter even more than he did before.
Songs like "Posse (I Need You On The Floor)", "Faster Harder Scooter", "Call Me Manana",
"I'm Your Pusher", "Fuck The Millenium" and "How Much Is The Fish?"  still continue to live as 
all time favourites in Jay's mind. 

In 2001, Scooter had a number one hit in Australia with their track "Ramp! (The Logical Song)". 
Jay had heard this a few months prior to it becoming so popular on TV and at school. He 
remembers how it used to (and still does) annoy him when people say that 
"The Logical Song" was the only song that they knew Scooter by. In his opinion, they had 
much better songs!

Jay spent a lot of time on the internet at school during his I.T classes researching Scooter
and keeping up to date with their releases. He found that the official Scooter forum was one
of the best places to find information but as it was mainly in German, he had no idea how
to sign up. Eventually the site was changed and Jay figured out how to sign up and has since
made quite a few friends who also love Scooter!

When Jay left school, one of the first things he thought about doing was buying all of Scooters
albums. He only had a couple and most of his songs were downloaded from the internet. 
(Don't tell anyone!)
To his disappointment, their albums were rather hard to come by in Australia. They had
never been there before and were not a hugely popular band.  
Few of their albums had been released there and the rest were basically non-existent. 

In 2007 something happened that Jay had been waiting to happen for quite a long time.
Scooter came to Australia! Unfortunately, they did not go to Melbourne where Jay lives
and it turned out that he did not have any time off and could not afford to go and see them
in different states. He was devastated but hopeful that they will return again one day!

2010 arrived... Scooter had been Jay's all time favourite band for a good 10 years now! 
Jay was pretty happy with that milestone and was wondering if many other people
out there could say that they have loved the same band for 10 years or more. 
He thought he would celebrate this little achievement and so he went and got a
Scooter tattoo! He did not want something huge and obvious but just something small
so that he knew it was there and would always remind him of the band he had loved for
such a long time. He decided on the Sheffield Tunes logo (a megaphone) and got it
done on his left forearm. He also now had the money and means to get himself every
Scooter album there is. And so he did! One by one, he ordered them from overseas
and when each one arrived he deleted all his downloaded songs and replaced them
all with the songs from the CD's. 

2011 came along and Scooter released The Big Mash Up. An album that experimented with 
dubstep music. Jay thought it was an okay album and eagerly waited to see if Scooter
would return to Australia. They did not. 

It is now 2012 and Scooter just released the album Music For A Big Night Out. Jay
really quite liked the album but wish that it wasn't sampled as much as it was. 
Scooter announce that they will not be touring with their new album but rather will start
preparing for a huge 20th anniversary tour in 2014! Maybe THEN they will come to Australia!
Time will tell....

Over and out. 

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